About Us

As we continue to build the newly formed “Midwest Regional Shop Local 853” there are a few things you should know.

Local 853 is created by the consolidation of the following Locals:

  • 473 Chicago, IL
  • 493 Des Moines,IA
  • 518 St Louis, MO
  • 535 Minneapolis, MN
  • 553 Omaha, NE
  • 590 Aurora, IL
  • 811 Wausau, WI

In addition, Ironworkers Local 853 now has the Shop Members of the following locals which are still operating as outside locals.

  • 22 Indianapolis, IN
  • 111 Rock Island, IL
  • 112 Peoria, IL
  • 292 South Bend, IN
  • 726 Ft Wayne, IN  

Local 853 membership is 2,000 strong and with our great histories and pride we begin to fight to improve our livelihoods united. To provide decent wages and benefits for all our families all done within safe working conditions. From layout, Welders, Machine Operators, Finishers and Painters, and much more. Our skills are second to none.

As our industry changes with time, our Goals will be to educate and elect new leadership to guide us into the future. We will organize together to help get the respect that hard working people deserve. Organize our competition to help our contractors level the playing field to secure our work and futures.